There are several options from which to choose, and it depends on how far along you are in your business and how much assistance you need:

1. Membership on Florida Overbids https://www.FloridaOverbids.com

Florida Overbids is the training website, where we teach how and where to find surplus records. This website also contains the surplus claim forms for all 67 counties as well as the Client forms you need (Assignment of Interest, Contingency Agreements, etc.).

This is also the websites where you ask questions. Each County Page has a Q&A section at the bottom for county-specific questions. For General Tax Deed Surplus questions that do not relate to any particular county, you can ask those on the Free Course Page.

You would join here if you are extremely new to the tax deed surplus business and not quite ready to ‘work the surplus records’

Cost: $197 per Quarter or $497 per year

2. Subscription on Tax Auction Surplus https://www.TaxAuctionSurplus.com

Tax Auction Surplus is where you subscribe to obtain the surplus lists we create after each county’s auction (not all counties, just the ones who provide their Property Info Reports online so that we (and you) are able to research the records, meaning you need to find out if there are any liens or mortgages on the property that may take the surplus. We supply you with the surplus records as well as the Property Reports. This saves you a great deal of time since we go to each county’s website and download the needed Property reports for you, and we upload to one central repository for you to access.

You receive the records every day, shortly after the last auction ends.  You choose the option of ‘How Often you pay”. (The longer the subscription time, the less expensive it is)

You would join here if you are all set and ready to start contacting potential clients and you have someone who will research any liens that may be on the property (or time to do it yourself) – We give you all tax deed info, owner name and mailing address plus the property reports, but it is up to you to open the reports, determine if there are liens and then look those up to see how much.

  • All subscriptions on TaxAuctionSurplus.com include a full membership on FloridaOverbids.com
  • You also receive immediate access to ALL of our past surplus lists going back to January 2018
  • You have full access to the Property Information Report Repository

3. Membership on Surplus Database https://www.SurplusDatabase.com

With a membership on Surplus Database, you receive everything you read above plus

  • Surplus Database Software that we developed to assist you with List and Claim Organization,and Skip Tracing Tracking
  • Custom Website for your business

All clients of SurplusDatabase.com also receive a full membership on FloridaOverbids.com


4. Membership on Florida Surplus Recovery https://www.FloridaSurplusRecovery.com

We began January 2019 and allow just 10 clients at a time. If all spots are filled, you can place yourself on a waiting list.
There are massive amounts of benefits to discuss, so it’s best if you download our Proposal which contains examples and attachments.

The main differences between this and TaxAuctionSurplus.com and SurplusDatabase.com are that we fully research any liens and mortgages on the records as well as deliver what we call “Owners Reports” right after the auction instead of at the end of the day or end of the week. What these reports tell you is the amount of surplus, all tax deed info (parcel, property address, county, etc.) plus the owner and mailing address as well as “if there are NO liens on the property – if there might be liens, we tell you that as well and let you know we are researching them and you get that report later in the day.

Basically, you will receive a report right after the auction with Owner Names and Mailing Addresses and on the ones that say “No Liens”, you are free to immediately contact the owner. If the report says “There are documents we are researching”, we research the documents to see if they are liens and if so, who is owed and how much. This allows you to determine if the record is worth pursuing in your eyes.

Please download the Proposal as it has attachments and examples for you to see.

All clients of FloridaSurplusRecovery.com also receive a full membership on FloridaOverbids.com


Below is all the information you need about each tax deed at auction so that you can perform the surplus recovery tasks. We also show you which sites/subscriptions above give you the information. First, remember, FloridaOverbids.com is a training website only and does not give you a surplus list at all. Below we show you what you receive with TaxAuctionSurplus.com versus FloridaSurplusRecovery.com

A. The county will give you this info before the auction:

  • Auction Date
  • Tax Deed Number
  • Parcel Number
  • Starting Bid

TaxAuctionSurplus.com, SurplusDatabase.com & FloridaSurplusRecovery.com gives you all the above

B. In the case of some counties, they will also give you

  • Ending Bid
  • Assessed Value of property
  • Whether or not the property was Homestead
    (this affects the surplus amount)
  • Surplus Amount

TaxAuctionSurplus.com, SurplusDatabase.com & FloridaSurplusRecovery.com gives you all the above

C. After the auction, you need to know (the county does not give you these unless you dig into their documents and websites:

  • Who was the Owner at the time of the auction (who is entitled to the surplus)
  • What is/was their mailing address at the time of the auction (in case they did not live at the property or they moved before the auction)
  • What was the property address?

TaxAuctionSurplus.com, SurplusDatabase.com & FloridaSurplusRecovery.com gives you all the above

D. You need the Property Information Report for each Tax Deed so you can see if there are any documents mentioned on it that may or may not be liens

  • Find out if there any governmental liens on the property or owner
  • Find out if there any mortgages on the property
  • Find out if there any other liens on the property, such as Judgments
  • Each county has their own website where they offer these Property Information Reports. You have to locate them, search for the Property Report you want and download it
  • On the Report, there will be sections titled “Encumbrances” or “Liens” or “Mortgages”, etc. IF there are any of those, the county puts a Document Number, which will be called “Book and Page Number” or “Instrument Number”

TaxAuctionSurplus.com, SurplusDatabase.com & FloridaSurplusRecovery.com gives you the Property Information Reports.

With TaxAuctionSurplus.com and SurplusDatabase.com, you download the reports from us and research them on your own. We do give an example of each county’s report and show you where to find the information you need.

With FloridaSurplusRecovery.com, you do not need the reports because we perform all research for you

E. The lien holders name/address and the amount of those liens (if any)

  •  With the Book and Page Numbers or Instrument Numbers in hand, you go to the Official Records Website for that county and put in those numbers to look up the document
  • The document may just be a notice, or an Order with no monetary value, so it is not a lien.
  • The document may be a mortgage, but pay attention because it could be so old, it is almost paid off and would not take ALL of the surplus.
  • The document may be a Judgement. Check the “Filed Date”. If it is older than 10 years, that Judgment has expired, and they cannot take any surplus.

Only FloridaSurplusRecovery.com gives you this. We provide full lien research on all records where the surplus is over $15,000

If the surplus is between $5-15k, we let you know if it is a record with NO liens or if there are documents you need to research.

If the surplus is between $1-5k, we do not perform any sort of research


If you have a question that pertains to
Tax Deed Surplus in General,
ask that question on the
Free Tax Deed Course page

If you have County Specific questions, please
ask them on that county page. You must be
subscribed to that county and logged in.

Thank you


We now sell a pack of all the forms
you will need for Florida Surplus Recovery

Routes to Take – This document discusses which forms to use depending on the route you take with your clients

Plus, we include Filled out Examples of the Assignment of Interest,
Contingency Agreement and Power of Attorney


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