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Claim Process

This documents describes the two different routes you can take with your client and
the forms you will need. You will learn about using a Contingency Agreement +
Power of Attorney Form versus the Assignment of Interest Form.

As far as the process to actually submit the surplus claim to the county, please contact the
Clerk of Court using one of the methods found in the Contact document linked below.

County Contacts

This document gives you the contact information for all 67 Clerk of Court offices in Florida.
The Clerk of Court is the department that handles the Tax Deed Auctions as well as the surplus
money after the auction.

Quick Contact – Clerk of Court Phone Number: 352-486-5266


Levy County holds their Tax Deed Auctions In-Person approximately Monthly and typically has 25-35 tax deeds going up for auction. Please keep in mind that at any given time before the auction, the previous owner can redeem their property (pay their taxes) and therefore that tax deed will be pulled from the auction.

To view where the Tax Deed Auctions are held, click the ‘Auction Location’ icon above.

Whether you are planning to purchase tax deeds, contact the current owner pre-sale or go after the surplus after the auction, you need the following information:

Tax Deed/ Cert#: Found with the Tax Deed Listing

Parcel Number: Found with Tax Deed Listing (Click TAX DEED Icon above)

Property Address: Found with Tax Deed Listing (Click TAX DEED Icon above)

Starting Bid: Found with Tax Deed Listing (Click TAX DEED Icon above)

Assessed Amount: Found on Property Appraisers Website (Click Property Appraiser Icon above)

Current Owner: Found with Tax Deed Listing (Click TAX DEED Icon above)

You will also need to research the property for any governmental liens which would survive the sale and therefore still be your responsibility.

Levy County does provide the O&E or Title Reports online. Their Tax Deed Research is provided by TaxSmartWeb. You can find liens listed in the Title Report located in ‘Property Information Report’


All links can be found at the top of this page by utilizing the icons.

Levy County uses software named TaxSmartWeb on their website to show you the upcoming auction dates as well as the list of tax deeds going to auction. Multiple counties use TaxSmartWeb and they all work as shown in the screenshot below.

Records look like this, with our explanations




Once you have the O&E Reports, you need to know how much the liens are:

For Levy County:

1. Does the Property Information Report (O&E/Title Report) include copies of the lien paperwork from the County’s Official records?

2. Does the Property Information Report (O&E/Title Report) show the amount of the lien?

3. Does the Property Information Report (O&E/Title Report) show the Book and Page of the Liens?
Yes. You can use this to look up the actual lien in the countys Official Records Website

For any questions you ever have about tax deeds and the auctions, you can always contact the Levy County Clerk of Court at 352-486-5266


We provide you with a link to the county’s Property Appraiser, Tax Collector and Official Records Websites because you will find you need additional information along the way that the county did not provide up front with the auction listing.


Property Appraiser

  • Locate Owners Name. Different counties use variations of wording. You need to look for Owner, Property Owner, Title Holder or Deed Holder
  • Property Address. Again, the counties vary on their wording. Look for Property Address, Address, Site Address or Situs.
  • Homestead Exemption. In certain cases, you need to know if the property is Homestead so you will have an accurate figure when determining the surplus amount.

Tax Collector

  • Property owners often do not live at the property being sold. So they may have a ‘mailing address’ listed on the Tax Collectors website to where their property tax bills are mailed. You need as many addresses as possible to give you a good starting point to finding the person.

Official Records

  • If there is a lien on a property that would be paid out before the surplus is available to the property owner, you need to know how much the lien is so you know if it is more than the surplus amount. You don’t want to waste your time on a claim only to find out there is a large lien that will take all of the surplus. In order to know the lien amount, you need to look it up. Counties will give you a Book and Page number along with any lien. You will use the Official Records website to search by Book and Page Number.

If you need assistance using any of these websites for this county, we are happy to help. Simply fill in the Comment Form below and we will give you the answer. Please be as specific as possible. e.g. “I can’t find where the Homestead Exemption is located on the Property Appraisers website”