Track and Compare (TAC) County

Some counties do not provide results of their Tax Deed Sales, and they may also take down their previous Tax Sale information once the sale is over and you lose your chance to see the opening bid (Property Records do not show this information, only sold price) so you would not know if there were any surplus monies.

In these cases, we Track the upcoming Tax Deed Sales and then Compare them with their sold amount on the Property Appraisers Website.

If the county….

  1. Does not ever show the opening bid (such as those who only advertise their upcoming deed sales in the newspaper) and
  2. Does not supply a surplus list of their own

…you would have to Track the Upcoming Sale, Research on the Tax Collector’s website for how much in delinquent taxes is owed at the date of the sale to determine an approximate starting bid and therefore, get the approximate surplus.

Remember! Florida has very open Public Record Laws. You can always contact the Clerk of Court, Property Appraiser or Tax Collector in any county and get information out of them or file a FOIA Request.

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