In the County Courses, we show you how to get the surplus from every county.

Every county, Every Record is supplied in a different manner. There is no central repository of ALL records in ALL counties because the counties do not have any requirement to all be on the same page or use the same procedures.

Records are supplied:

  • on a webpage as a list
  • on a webpage only available through a search form
  • on a downloadable PDF
  • on a downloadable Excel Spreadsheet
  • on a downloadable Word Document

Some counties do not supply a thing. You have to track their auctions and find out which ones sold for more than the starting bid to determine if there is an overbid.

Our biggest pieces of advice is in this area. DO NOT just accept what the county throws up on their website. We have seen many instances of “here’s our surplus list” but it’s months or a year old and they have had plenty of auctions with overbids since then.

Here is a prime example: 


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