FloridaOverbids.com and SurplusDatabase.com

Just to give you a quick background on us, we created FloridaOverbids.com at the end of 2017 with the intent to pull together all 67 counties information and instructions and forms about the tax deed auctions.

The website was meant for people who are already going after the Tax Deed Surplus, but they just needed a little help with organization, sort of a one-stop website for all the county links and forms they need.

After that was going for just a short while, we quickly learned that a lot of people were interested in learning about the business of collecting Surplus in Florida. We expanded upon what was already on the website to add videos and training and guides etc.

We then opened the second website SurplusDatabase.com┬ábecause even though FloridaOverbids.com shows people how to locate the Surplus, it’s a lot of work to actually get the good records and research them so we began offering that product (the Surplus lists themselves). We saw what was already out there in the way of surplus lists and knew without a doubt, we could do better for Florida.

The difference in our websites is, FloridaOverbids.com shows you HOW and WHERE to find surplus records plus research those records, and on SurplusDatabase.com, we actually create the surplus lists, and enhance them with Owner Name and Mailing Addresses, plus obtain all the Property Information Reports you need for research (more on this in the course below).

On SurplusDatabase.com, we also create a business website for you and an online database so you can import the records we give you and organize, sort and filter them. Plus you can easily search for any particular record, upload documents and attach them to each record and set the status of each record so you can track your progress during the claim process.

All subscribers on SurplusDatabase.com receive a free membership on Florida Overbids.

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