History of Florida Overbids

We opened this website in July 2017, to be promoted towards existing Asset Recovery Businesses. The website consisted solely of the links and resources they needed in dealing with the surplus from Tax Deed Auctions in Florida. However, after running the website for just 3 months, and hearing all the questions we received, it became very clear what was needed:  A Tax Deed Surplus Training Website.

Every Florida county handles something a bit different than the others. During the course of the whole Tax Deed Surplus claim process, there are bits of information, forms, research sites that are all needed and having them spread out across 67 counties and 500 different websites is doing no one any good.

The response we have received from FloridaOverbids.com has been overwhelming in a positive way. After a lot of thought and planning, we are now proud to offer a complete training course for every county in Florida.

ALL questions pertaining to Tax Deed Surplus in general or regarding the processes and forms for each county MUST be asked through the corresponding county course. We will no longer be answering questions through email.



You are shown what Tax Deeds are being auctioned, Where the Auction is located (Online or the Physical address) and the website where you can research the Tax Deeds (if available) as well as a link to the County’s FAQ page



You will need to research at some point during the process, so we proved links to each county’s Clerk of Court, Property Appraiser, Property Tax Collector and Official Records websites.


Tax Deed Auction Calendars updated weekly to show you all Tax Deed Auction Dates for each county

The Client Forms You Need


Surplus Claim Forms for ALL 67 Counties

Videos showing you how to research the Ownership & Encumbrance Reports to find any liens on the property


  • General Tax Deed Auction information and procedures for each county you choose
  • How to find upcoming auction dates for that county
  • How to view which Properties/Tax Deeds are up for each auction date for that county
  • Where the Auctions are held for that county (Website if Online, Address if In Person)
  • County’s Tax Deed FAQ page for that county
  • Where to find and research the liens and encumbrances that may take some/all of the surplus for that county
  • County Websites for Additional Research for that county


  • A County Page with all links you will need for Surplus Claims for this county
    • What Tax Deeds are coming up to auction
    • Where is the auction held
    • When is the auction held
    • Locate & Research the Tax Deed Documents
    • County Clerk of Court
    • Property Appraiser
    • Tax Collector
    • Official Records

  • Forms Pack for each County to which you subscribe
    • County Tax Deed Surplus Claim Form(s)
    • Claim Tracking Sheet
    • First Contact Letter (Suggestions for contacting potential client)
    • Assignment of Interest Form
    • Contingency Agreement Form
    • Limited Power of Attorney Form
    • W-9 (IRS) Form

  • Q&A Page where you can ask County-Specific Tax Deed Surplus questions. You will also be able to see any other questions previously asked and answered.


We now sell a pack of all the forms
you will need for Florida Surplus Recovery

Routes to Take – This document discusses which forms to use depending on the route you take with your clients

Plus, we include Filled out Examples of the Assignment of Interest,
Contingency Agreement and Power of Attorney


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